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Hey, is this still in development?

Hi Yeah, it's still in development. Don't worry. 


Okay awesome, just making sure I didn't miss out.

I quite enjoyed this, would love to see more ^w^


Good game


This is pretty good even being so early in development

Thank you very much, this motivates me for the future!


Hello, i'm stuck at the start of the game. I can writte my name but the "enter" touch doesn't work... Other games work good but it's the second (ren'py) game with this problem... :(  I have an Nvidia shield tab and the android nougat 7.0. Do you have any any answer for help me please? Thank you...

Hi, sorry I've been looking but it seems to be a problem we sometimes have with Renp'y on android. 
Try to install a new keyboard, it has solved the problem for some people.
Keep me informed, if there's anything else on discord I'm more than willing to help.



Thank you! I've downloaded the Google keyboard and it works now! 😉

I'm glad I could help, if you need anything else. Thanks again for playing my game. See you soon!


Haven't been on Itch for a while, see this has been updated. Woo

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how does one get that shiky handjob scene, my affection seems pretty high already

edit: (nevermind, and made a mistake the first time if you know what I mean)

Hello! for the scene with shiky it takes 20 affections and to have seen it topless in the morning once beforehand, if you have more questions or if you are stuck do not hesitate to come and ask this on the discord!



new update is cool (but pls fix the human model from hand job scene it looks ugly af)still cool update


So I saw you updated. What did you up date?

shark girl is my favorite by far, cant wait for more content

When's the next update scheduled?

Hello! I was on vacation, I came back a little while ago and I'm working on the next update right now.
I do this in my spare time so I can't give an exact date for the release of the next update but I'm actively working on it when I can. I'll soon post news, don't worry the project is still in progress and sorry for the delay of my answer .


Any game with a shark girl is good in my book.


Cant wait for a full release/ next update it's good so far keep up the good work.


Heeem I like it

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Can you do. So that after we swim with shiky she tells us to go with her to wash in the shower, then she will ask to wash her breasts and for this we will have an erection and we will have the choice to give her a wash our dick or do everything ourselves. If you give her this, she will make us a handjob and we will finish on her face and breast, she will lick and say that this cream is very tasty and she will want more. we say not now and leave (it was written with the help of Google translation im sorry if smth aint right) p.s. give you five bucks for that

Either I'm missing something or this game is unbelievably short with almost nothing to do.


Hello! it's a demo, there is currently about 15 minutes of game with a scene with coni  (bunnygirl) and 2 other small scene in the totality. I will put more content later but for the moment I'm going on vacation. see you soon !


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I like it, my favorite character is Coni, why? Bunny girl. :) 

Haha Thanks i appreciate it, I like all my girls but ... I understand your feelings :) 


Looks interesting, i'll keep an eye on it

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